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What does “greening” or “making the switch” mean?

You match 100% of your electricity with renewable energy. For every kilowatt-hour you consume, one kilowatt-hour of local, renewable energy comes onto the power grid.

How Switching Works

Enroll, and that’s it! Every month that you pay your electric bill, you increase demand for renewable energy on the New England power grid, reducing our need to burn fossil fuels. The average household pays $10-$20 per month for renewable energy in addition to their regular electricity bill, and that premium is federally tax-deductible!
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Why Switching Works

Mass Energy matches your electricity usage with Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard qualified “Class I” Renewable Energy Certificates from wind turbines, solar panels, and an anaerobic digester in our state to ensure that your purchase is truly helping to get more renewable energy on the power grid.
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Our Renewable Energy Sources

Mass Energy only sources from New England renewable energy generators. When you make the switch, you are supporting New England renewable energy projects (Massachusetts Class I). This approach ensures that your purchase is shifting our local power grid to clean sources, pushing off the need for fossil fuels.
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Endorsements, Testimonials, and Partners

What we do wouldn’t be possible without all of the wonderful organizations that support us. They endorse our programs and help us spread the word about what we do. And, more importantly, each one does its own inspiring and impactful work towards climate change mitigation. Check them out and get involved!
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