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Make a one-time or monthly contribution for green electricity 

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The New England Wind Friends program allows you to contribute monthly to buy power from local wind turbines - and it's 100% tax-deductible!

Get your average monthly match using our calculator.

***If you live in Rhode Island, you can sign up through People's Power & Light, here.


New England Wind Friends:

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Make a one-time contribution! Choose "One-Time" on the form.

Green Events and Weddings with local wind power! Click to read more.

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Green Events

Match your event's electricity use with wind power!

Meetings. Conferences. Concerts. Parties. Weddings. Make your next event green by matching your energy needs with New England Wind!

Extra benefits to greening an event include:

  • Wow-ing your attendees!
  • If requested, a Mass Energy staff member may attend your event to explain your contribution and reach out to participants. Staff can bring a 6’ freestanding banner that announces “This is a Green Event” as in the photo at the bottom of this page.

These suggestions are adaptable to the needs of your event. For large or multi-day events, we can calculate the approximate amount of electricity and other energy sources you will use, or an amount of carbon you wish to avoid!

For help, or if you have any questions, e-mail Kat Burnham at Kat@massenergy.org or call 800-287-3950 ex. 203.
You can also sign up here. Just choose "Green Event" on the form.

Suggested contributions to green your event:

Small-sized Event: $25

  • 1–3 hours. Under 100 participants, no large electrical equipment used.

Medium-sized Event: $50

  • 3–5 hours. Under 200 participants, moderate electrical equipment used.

Large-scale Event: $100 and above

  • Full-day event, or large electrical equipment used.


Gift of Wind

Give the Gift of Wind

Give a "cool" present with a green energy gift from Mass Energy's New England Wind!

Your recipient will receive this beautiful card, which will highlight:

  • How much was contributed in his/her name
  • How much electricity the contribution matches
  • How many pounds of carbon dioxide the contribution keeps from going into the atmosphere!

Extra benefits to giving the Gift of Wind include:

  • Honor your friends, family, or coworkers with a contribution to health and clean energy. 
  • Educational for children – or the perfect gift for that person who has everything (except wind power!)
  • You can write a note to personalize the gift.
  • Mass Energy can send the gift for you, or you can present it yourself.

          Give Now! Choose "Gift" on the order form. Please give at least $10!           Choose   P P