A new way to renew your heating oil service

Thanks for deciding to renew your membership in the Heating Oil Service of Green Energy Consumers Alliance (formerly Mass Energy and People’s Power & Light). Though our name has changed, our heating oil program has not changed and you will still get your same great discount from your dealer.

New website for members!

Our new "My Account" website is an improvement upon our former "Members Only" site. What’s so great about it?

  • renew easily, 
  • change your contact information,
  • check out our other energy programs,
  • and more.

So how do I renew?

You can always call us during business hours to check your prices or renew, but you can also do that online any time, any day. First, you'll have to create a new password. Click on the "Visit My Account" button below.

Then click' Forgot Password' under the Log-in section. Once you put in your email address you'll get one of two responses.

"Sorry, that email is not associated with any account in our system" means that we have an old email address associated with your heating oil membership. Just call us or email hello@greenenergyconsumers.org with the email address you'd like to associate with your membership.

"A temporary password has been sent to your email" means that you should now have in your email inbox a message from Green Energy Consumers Hello@greenenergyconsumers.org with a random string of type that you use to log-in and reset to a real password.

Once you have reset your password to one you'd like to keep, you can log-in to My Account. To check prices, click the words "Oil Dealer's Prices" in the green bar near the top of your screen. To renew your membership, and simply click on the "Renew Account" button and fill out the requested information.

Should you have any questions about My Account, or if you prefer to renew by phone, we’re happy to talk with you during business hours at 800-287-3950 x4.