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Heating Oil Service Options Massachusetts, MA, Mass

Heating Oil: Service Options

We contract with full-service oil dealers who provide repair and replacement service as well as 24/7 coverage. Service contracts are optional.

Service Contracts

The cost of a service contract depends upon the dealer. Currently they range from $180 to $300.  Each contract covers a defined set of services and parts and almost always covers an annual tune-up. The dealer will provide you with a copy of their contract upon request, which you should read before buying in order to avoid misunderstandings. It is normal practice in the industry to exclude certain parts and repairs from service contracts. A good contract is clear and competitive with those offered by other full-service dealers.

A service contract is an optional form of insurance. Dealers are including in their calculations the cost of a tune-up, plus the chance that you will call them for service.

Tune-Ups and Repairs

If you have a newer system, just paying for a tune-up should be your cheapest option. If by chance you need an emergency service call that is not covered by the warranty, the dealer will send a service technician as long as you have an established account with them.

If your heating system is very old or in disrepair, the heating oil dealer we assign to you has the right to not offer you a service contract. If your system is denied a service contract, we strongly recommend that you address the problem. If the dealer recommends getting the system replaced, ask for a bid from that dealer and get two more bids.

If the dealer recommends a repair and is offering to do that repair for a good price, make the repair as soon as you can. If the repair quote is high, you may want to get a second opinion.

Whatever choice you make, we highly recommend that you order a tune-up every year. The savings gained in efficiency by reducing future service calls more than pays for a yearly tune-up.