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Summer 2012: Nothing Fishy About Wind Power in Gloucester

Currents Summer 2012 Newsletter

Mass Energy has signed its largest wind contract ever by committing to a 10-year deal for the renewable energy certificates from a two-turbine project in Gloucester expected to come on-line before the end of 2012. This project will produce more energy than any other in the Mass Energy portfolio because of the strong wind resource at the site, Blackburn Industrial Park.

The project developer, Equity Industrial Turbines, Inc., received unanimous support from the Gloucester City Council and has signed a twenty-five year agreement with the City. With the renewable energy certificates being sold to Mass Energy, the City will purchase net metering credits and save about $450,000 per year, or about $11 million over the life of the deal, according to Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk as reported on Boston.com.
According to Larry Chretien, Mass Energy’s Executive Director, “This is a project in which we all win. The City of Gloucester saves money on its electricity bill. Members of Mass Energy get a great new resource in our portfolio so we can rightfully brag about being green power consumers. And the world gets zero-emission energy.”
Hunter Emerson of Equity Industrial Turbines, Inc., said, “We are proud to have partners such as the City of Gloucester and Mass Energy. Their long-term commitments are exactly what we need to move forward.