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Plenty of Wind in Ipswich!

Summer Currents 2013

The new 2 megawatt (MW) wind turbine on Town Farm Rd in Ipswich, MA has been supplying our members with green electricity since December 17th, 2012. Thankfully, it will prevent emissions equivalent to burning 400,000 gallons of oil by the end of the year!

Ipswich residents definitely share Mass Energy’s enthusiasm for wind power. The turbine was built adjacent to another identical turbine, which has been a huge success for the town. The idea of a second turbine was met by broad public support, and at a 2011 special town meeting, 72% of Ipswich residents in attendance approved it. Next, residents had to wait patiently for their turbine to arrive. Parts of the Hyundai-model turbine shipping from South Korea were delayed by a typhoon. Then, on the eve of the ship’s docking in Portland, Maine, Hurricane Sandy forced it to stay in the open ocean to await a safe opportunity to dock. The parts finally arrived in late October. Clean, sustainable electricity prevailed!
The project is a big win for clean energy, but also for Ipswich ratepayers. It is a public-private venture between the local municipal utility, the Ipswich Utilities Department, and developer Aquinergy.
Because of the turbine, Ipswich Utility Dept. has been able to fix a portion of their electricity costs for many years. Ipswich residents also do not have to pay for construction and maintenance of the turbine, because Aquinergy manages those aspects.
Last year, Mass Energy signed a long-term contract to purchase the renewable energy certificates (RECs) from this wind turbine on behalf of our members, providing support for the project. Kially Ruiz, president of Aquinergy, said, “Without the support of Mass Energy the project would not have been possible.” The members of our New England GreenStartSM and New England Wind programs should be proud that their continued support has enabled the construction of this beautiful turbine.