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Mass Energy is a nonprofit working in many ways
to make energy more sustainable.

Our Discount Heating Oil Service is how we got our start, but in the past 33 years we have expanded our work to include sustainable energy issues. Ensuring that New England has affordable energy for generations to come means that we should always consider environmental sustainability when making energy choices. We help our members make their energy consumption as clean and renewable as possible in whatever ways they can afford.

Join our renewable electricity program

Are you ready to make the switch? You can “green” your electricity usage by making the switch to 100% local, renewable energy with Mass Energy. “Greening” means that for every kilowatt-hour you consume, one kilowatt-hour of local, renewable energy will come onto the power grid. Participate in our green electricity program by paying a couple of cents extra per kilowatt-hour in addition to your regular electric charges. Payments are 100% federally tax-deductible! Start using your electricity dollar to push fossil fuels off our grid. Make the switch today.

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Cut your oil usage with a heat pump

Heat pumps have become dramatically more popular in recent years. Advancements in technology have made Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps (ccASHPs) a safe, comfortable, convenient, and efficient source of heating, even in cold climates like New England. Much like your refrigerator, air-source heat pumps work by moving heat into or out of a building. Because they don’t burn fuel, they can improve air quality, both indoor and out. Furthermore, ccASHPs can also cool, dehumidify, and integrate nicely with solar PV systems.

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Consider Bio-Heat for your oil burner

Mass Energy has partnered with several heating oil dealers to provide our Discount Heating Oil Service members with a cleaner fuel option: biodiesel. We have negotiated a discounted price per gallon on biodiesel for our members. Our dealers blend 20% biodiesel with 80% regular heating oil to make a fuel blend suitable for any oil boiler. Anyone who heats with oil can participate!

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Install solar panels on your roof

Under the Mass Solar Connect program, MassCEC, Mass Energy and EnergySage have teamed up to help you get highly competitive pricing to put solar panels on your home. You can get easy-to-compare quotes for solar systems from up to 7 pre-screened vendors – with no sales pressure.

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Mass Solar Connect lives on EnergySage's website, so you will be leaving our website by clicking the link above.

Green your ride with an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are a win for consumers and a win for the environment. Mass Energy has organized a limited-time electric vehicle discount program: anyone is eligible to purchase an electric vehicle at a pre-negotiated discounted price at one of our participating dealers for the program duration.

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