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More than just an oil service

Mass Energy does a lot more than provide you with a reliable discount heating oil service. Our nonprofit mission is to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable. Our members look to us as an experienced voice on energy issues in the Commonwealth and we are constantly advocating for pro-consumer, pro-environment energy policy on their behalf. We run many other programs in addition to our Discount Heating Oil Service to connect you with easy, sustainable energy options.

Energy Efficiency

Our mission is to make energy more affordable and sustainable. The cheapest, most sustainable energy is the energy you do not use. That’s why we always encourage our members to pursue energy efficiency improvements. Part of your membership in our Discount Heating Oil Service includes energy efficiency advice and assistance.
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Sustainable Energy Options

Mass Energy is a nonprofit working in many ways to make energy more sustainable. Our Discount Heating Oil Service is how we got our start, but today we have expanded our work to include sustainable energy issues. We help our members make their energy consumption as clean and renewable as possible in whatever ways they can afford.
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Mass Energy’s Emergency Oil Bank

Help someone keep their home warm this winter. This charitable service provides one free emergency delivery to local families and seniors that are struggling to pay their heating oil bills during the coldest months. Our Oil Bank is funded by grant money and member donations.
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