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We have the solution.

Mass Energy is a nonprofit working in many ways to make energy more affordable.

Our Discount Heating Oil Service works like a buyers club or co-op for home heating oil and is available to most households in Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island. We use the group buying power of our 11,000+ members to negotiate a discounted price per gallon with vetted oil dealers every day of the year.

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Enroll in the program and pay your annual membership dues ($25 for a basic 1-year membership) by filling out our online join form. Enroll now. Or call 800-287-3950 x4.   Once you’ve enrolled, we pair you up with one of the oil dealers in our network that meets your delivery, payment, and service preferences.   Every time you receive a delivery from your new Mass Energy oil dealer, you get the current discounted member oil price per gallon instead of the price they charge their regular customers.
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How do we make sure you get a fair, discounted oil price? On behalf of our members, we negotiate the retail markup that our participating oil dealers can add to the daily wholesale price of oil. Therefore, our members always benefit from when the current wholesale price falls and are protected from unexpected price-gouging which many heating oil users are subject to during the coldest months.

Not sure what that means? We’ve laid it all out to help you understand how we run our program and why our pricing model works. Take a look

Dues & Savings

Annual Membership Dues

Paid upon enrollment and renewed to extend membership.
1 year basic dues $25
3 year value dues $50
1 year senior (62+) or fixed-income dues $15
1 year, fuel assistance client FREE

Dues usually pay for themselves after
only your FIRST discounted delivery!

Savings All Year Long

As a Mass Energy Discount Heating Oil Service member, you receive a discounted oil price per gallon from a heating oil dealer who is assigned to you by our knowledgeable staff. For the last 4 years our members saved an average of 39 cents per gallon, compared to statewide surveys of full-service dealers.

Check our current oil prices.


Interactive Graph: Our oil prices over time

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Our pricing model stands the test of time.

We’ve been running our Discount Heating Oil Service for nearly 35 years. Our members have been getting great heating oil prices year after year. Stop shopping for oil at every delivery.

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Our Heating Oil Options



Your oil dealer monitors your tank’s oil level and fills it when needed. You never have to think about filling your tank!

Will Call

You monitor your oil tank’s level and schedule a delivery with your dealer when you determine you need it (we recommend scheduling your delivery when you have no less than ¼ tank).

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20-30 day Billing

Pay your oil bill within an established timeframe (usually 30 days). Get an additional “prompt pay” discount if you pay right away.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Pay when the oil is delivered (for Will Call customers only). Paying COD is slightly cheaper per gallon than paying after 20-30 days.

Budget Plan

This makes your oil bill similar to a monthly utility bill. You make a standard monthly payment set up by your dealer and adjusted based on actual oil use. Highly recommended!

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Service Contracts

Service contracts are an optional but recommended way to anticipate the costs of repairs that your heating system may need.

Tune-Ups & Repairs

Heating system tune-ups help keep your system efficient, this saves you oil and money. We highly recommend that you order a tune-up every year. The savings gained in efficiency by reducing future service calls more than pay for a yearly tune-up.

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When you enroll in our Discount Heating Oil Service, you can indicate your delivery, payment and service preferences out of the options outlined above. Then, we will pair you with the best heating oil dealer in our network that meets your preferences.

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More than just oil


Mass Energy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our mission is to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable for New England residents.

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Advocating for You

For 35 years we have connected oil consumers to trusted heating oil dealers. If there is ever a problem with your assigned dealer, we will help you find a solution.

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Emergency Oil Bank

Mass Energy’s charitable Emergency Oil Bank program provides free oil deliveries during the winter season to local families in need.

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Energy Efficiency

We help our members reduce their oil consumption to maximize savings and reduce emissions. Our energy efficiency program connects you to rebates and services.

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Sustainable Options

Heating oil isn’t our only area of expertise. We help our members explore clean energy options such as heat pumps, solar, biodiesel, and electricity from renewable sources.

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