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People love their EVs!

Drive Green with Mass Energy customers are having wonderful car buying experiences, getting great deals, and driving away with a car they love. But don’t take it from us, read for yourself what people are saying.


I’m from Virginia Beach, VA. I was considering buying a used BMW i3 and told my son about it. I had a test drive at my local dealer. My son did some research to help me out and provided me with the program and contact information for Drive Green with Mass Energy. It specified a $14,000 off MSRP discount if you went through the program to purchase the car. With that discount and the $7,500 federal tax credit, it made a new i3 more affordable. It sounded too good to be true but I thought I’d go through the process to see. So I went to the web site and registered and the response said I’d be hearing from BMW of Warwick RI on my request. The next day I was contacted by Bob Shaw of BMW Warwick and he confirmed the discount was as specified. I told Bob the configuration I was looking for, color, features, etc. and he had a car that fit my requirements. He sent me the quote with the specified discounts and we closed the deal. This was all conducted via email, text, and phone. It took about a week. Remember, I’m in Virginia and the dealer is in RI. I made arrangements to have the car shipped and have been driving it for a few weeks now. I love the car and the deal was fantastic.

As far as the Drive Green process with Mass Energy, it was simple, straightforward, and quick. I don’t know if they could make it any easier. This may be the one time where if it looks too good to be true, it is.

Albert M.
BMW i3


Wonderful! A comfortable, fun car that is good for our environment...Ninety percent of the 800 miles we racked up in our first month has been around town. As EV’s get much better mileage in town than on the divided highways, my guess is that we are getting the gas equivalent mileage of around 130mpg. I was amazed that the only scheduled maintenance for the first 150,000 miles is to rotate the tires every 7,500 miles! BTW, the 24 solar panels on my roof produce more than enough energy to re-charge the Bolt’s battery in addition to all our residential needs.

[In my honest opinion], by 2050 the only fossil fuel vehicles on the road will be on their way to be part of an antique auto show. PS, I have saved the receipt ($18.76) from my last purchase at a gasoline station. Maybe I’ll get it mounted.

Don M.
Chevy Bolt


I LOVE my new Chevy Bolt. I particularly enjoy the super fast acceleration and braking you get with its electric motor. And the range (235 miles) is much more than I need most weeks. And I charge it for free at work!

The deal we got through the Drive Green with Mass Energy program plus the federal/state discounts made it a no-brainer (the total discount was over $13,000!) And the haggle-free purchase process through Drive Green was a nice bonus.

Highly recommended!


Jim S.
Chevy Bolt


We are thrilled with our new Bolt EV and would not have made the leap to an all-electric vehicle without the incentives through Mass Energy. We have now driven over 1500 miles of mixed local and highway roads and can say that the car is fun to drive, with some pep, extremely smooth acceleration, and regenerative braking. To add to our positive experience, we are averaging 4.5 miles/kWh, so even better than the stated 240 miles range on a full charge!

Rickie H. and Ray P.
Chevy Bolt


It was great working with Drive Green with Mass Energy and getting a great deal on a new Nissan Leaf! I also had a great dealership experience at Milford Nissan working with Guy Bedau. It’s great not needing to fill up at gas stations anymore and the Leaf is fun to drive! EVs are very zippy because you get maximum torque the second you step on the pedal, and the car starts decelerating the moment you take your foot off. Also nice turn radius, the Leaf is highly maneuverable.

Mark R.
Nissan Leaf

Thanks to Mass Energy for connecting us with the dealer and helping us to fulfill our dream of owning an electric car!  It drives great, it’s surprisingly roomy, it accelerates fast and smooth, and best of all I’m not spewing exhaust everywhere I go.  I’m also looking forward to not dealing with all the fiddly maintenance that comes with gas engines.

Geoffrey C.


Just a quick note to say thank you for the e-mail on 5/17/17 about the Drive Green with Mass Energy event at Quirk program on 5/21/17.  While searching through multiple dealers in MA, NH, and NY states and having “deals” at a couple of dealers , your e-mail came in.  After reading it, I went to Quirk’s website and found they had lowered their prices that day.  I immediately called Braintree and bought my new Bolt!    Thanks to your program and that e-mail, I was able to drive away with a new Bolt on 5/20/17.   I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!!!!   If someone needs a little push to go electric, send them to me.

Michael F.
Chevy Bolt


I can say that I love the Bolt. First of all, it’s got all the bells and whistles, all the latest technology. The only thing is miss is built-in GPS, but the screen syncs perfectly with my iPhone, so it’s not too much extra trouble; I just have to plug in. My favorite is the quasi “bird’s eye” view of the car when I’m in reverse gear. Oh, and also the ability to access the rear camera through the rear-view mirror. Second, it’s spacious. Plenty of head room and plenty of leg room, even for the passengers in the back seat. The mileage is impressive. And now that the weather is warmer, it’s even greater than advertised, Finally, it’s fun to drive. Very peppy and responsive. I’ve been driving a manual transmission for many decades because I enjoyed having the extra control. But I don’t miss that at all. The Bolt’s acceleration is awesome!

Joshua J.
Chevy Bolt


A win-win and wind situation. I have been driving my Smart for Two EV for two years now, and it meets my need for getting me around without burning fossil fuels. The combination of a home charger and solar panels on my roof makes this a guilt free win-win situation. And during those few winter months when my solar panels are not quite doing enough, Mass Energy is charging my car with wind turbines.

On the rare occasion that I need to get beyond the EV range, we use our old Civic Honda, soon to be replaced by a 2017 Bolt that we will purchase through the Mass Energy program. No more stops at the gas station, oil changes, rusted out mufflers and radiators,etc….why would anyone choose to drive anything else?

Of course, knowing that my driving is not contributing so much to climate change, and the associated harm it will do to my grandson, is really the best reason of all for driving an EV. Why would anyone still be thinking of buying a car that runs with an internal combustion engine, that is the question.

Gerard F.
Chevy Bolt


We love our new BOLT ! We are charging it with the Solar Panels we installed with the discount (group purchase) provided by MassEnergy two years ago. Guy Montone at Central Chevrolet is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about EVs. I will be 'showing it off' all around Western Mass.

Jim B.
Chevy Bolt


Thanks to the Chevy BOLT, range anxiety is a thing of the past for me. The BOLT gets over 200 miles per charge--potentially 300 depending on driving conditions.   This is the all-electric car we've been waiting for.  A roomy hatchback that performs as promised, comes in cool colors, and, thanks to Mass Energy, is reasonably priced to lease or buy.  Why wait?

Ellen E.
Chevy Bolt

Nearly all our charging has been in the driveway. With the great range of the Bolt, there’s no need really to go searching for charging stations. Still, there are some free charging stations out there—which is like getting free gas. Just in case, having the app on the phone and the account card for ChargePoint is reassuring. The maps on there show that there are now charging stations all over the place.

Driving such a quiet car is really wonderful.

Timmons R.
Chevy Bolt


I've had my Volt for two weeks now and I really love it. I had an Acura before this and it's every bit as solid feeling in driving dynamics and easily as luxurious feeling and comfortable. And I must say I really enjoy the clean sound of a powerful electric motor spinning up to propel me forward.

Craig M.
Chevy Volt


The Drive Green site was a great resource for EV shopping.  The Kia Soul EV hadn’t been on my list, but the combination of tax incentives, manufacturer rebates and the Drive Green discount was impossible to refuse. As a member of the Drive Green program, the dealer was well trained on the car - not always a given when shopping for EVs - and since the price was already arranged, the visit to the dealer was quick and easy. We love our new Kia Soul EV and will definitely be checking out Drive Green next time we need a new vehicle!

Mark D.
Kia Soul EV


I'm so excited about our new plug-in hybrid Ford C-Max Energi!!  Of the total miles, I've driven just over 900 miles since buying the car, and I've used less than half a tank of gas.  I'm working on adding a charging station near my job, and hope to go almost purely electric.  I also signed up for New England Wind Power - so I'm practically commuting on air!!

My husband is very tall: We liked the Ford C-Max Energi because it is easy for us not-so-youngsters to get in and out of.  It offers a very comfortable ride.  As grandparents, it matters deeply to us, to make choices about how our driving affects the future quality of life on our planet.

Deb B.
Ford C-Max Energi


Thank you very much for arranging the Drive Green program. I was not really in the market for a new car; however, when I combined the discounts you negotiated with local dealers together with the Massachusetts rebate and Federal tax credit, it was an opportunity I could not refuse. I have had my 2017 Volt from Mirak Chevrolet in Arlington for about a month now and am enjoying my commute more each day. I am also taking advantage of the home charging station pilot program through Eversource to install a Level 2 charger. There is so much momentum getting electric vehicles on the road and building up the charging infrastructure that I am excited for what our transportation future has to offer!

Greig G.
Chevy Volt


We are on our first road trip in our new Volt. Love the vehicle; smooth, quiet and fun to drive. Early on we encountered severe wind and rain. The car handled great. When challenged somewhere in Georgia, L'il EV left no doubt about it's absolute quickness to 60, well ahead of the Cadillac STS challenger. The PlugShare app has been invaluable in locating charging stations to resupply a depleted battery after 500 miles between destinations. We’ve gladly modified our itinerary some to take advantage of free charging.

We’ve been to Philly and Longwood Gardens in PA; Frederick, MD; Burlington, NC; Atlanta, Newnan and Savannah, GA; Hilton Head Island and Fripp Island in SC. Charging stations have been provided by a hotel, a restaurant, Longwood Gardens, parking garages, a municipal parking lot & a BMW dealer. The condo on Fripp Island has 110 plugs for their golf carts so we used the standard Volt cord.

We stayed at a B&B in Maryland, a reservation we made before getting the Volt. They will most likely install a charging station before the end of 2017. When offered a chance to "take it for a spin” no one declines the offer and all takers are most impressed. Quickness, handling, styling and the color are always mentioned.

In Atlanta bumper-to-bumper traffic a driver going in the opposite direction shouted from his open Toyota window, “They did a great job on the Gen 2 redesign.” Got to love that kind of attention.

Daryl W.
Chevy Volt


I am so excited to be driving my very first all-electric vehicle, a 2017 Chevy Bolt Premier!

With an estimated range of 238 miles on a single charge the Bolt should alleviate most people’s “range anxiety”.

I use my Bolt as my daily carpool / commuter car. Since I work less than 10 miles from where I live, all I do is “top off” my battery for an hour or two every night. To save yourself some money, you can program the Bolt to start charging later on at night when the electricity rates are lower.

The tech available for the Bolt Premier is very impressive. There are optional safety features such as surround vision display, forward collision alert, rear view mirror camera / display, lane departure warning, and blind spot warnings. The Bolt supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.It also has its own 4G LTE WiFi network. With the Bolt's very generous promotional data plans, you could use the car's WiFi to reduce your mobile phone's data plan and offset the cost.

Special thanks go out to Larry, Maura, and Anna at Mass Energy who provided me with tons of useful information about EV & EV supply equipment, incentives, rebates, and tax credits so that I could reduce the cost of ownership from the start.

John F.
Chevy Bolt


When our family heard about the great Drive Green deal with Marlboro Nissan, we wasted no time. Concerned about climate change, we had wanted to replace our old car with an electric car, and this deal made it a no-brainer. Once we had picked up our LEAF we boasted about it and the Drive Green program to all our friends and relatives. A week later, Satra's sister, Dia soon surprised us with her own Drive Green LEAF from Milford Nissan! Here's a family photograph of us and our clean electric cars, taken on a day in February when temperatures reached 70F. How appropriate!

Kaat V.
Nissan LEAF


WARNING: Once you go EV you don't go back! I got mine last year and have since been asked by my fellow colleagues how I like it. The answer is I LOVE it. It does a great job at reducing my carbon emissions but it really does much more. Instead of paying upwards of $60 a week in gas with my old Jeep Liberty, I now spend barely anything. Sometimes as little as $20 a month on gas. And these savings all add up! After a month of loving my EV, I got the check rebate back from the state. How great is that? It makes financial sense, ecological sense. Plus, it's so much more fun to drive an EV! Let's create a sustainable future! Cheers!

Bill W.
Ford Fusion Energi


I am buying the Volt to replace my 2011 Audi 3 diesel sport wagon which Volkswagen is buying back because of the emission cheating scandal. I look forward to getting more than 45 MPG - and using some of the excess KWH's my rooftop solar panels provide me with.

Thank you for the discount and for promoting green energy!

Susan D.
Chevy Volt


My wife and I, a Kindergarten teacher and non-profit administrator, never thought that we would be able to afford a new electric car. The trifecta of the Drive Green discounts, the MOR-EV state rebate and federal tax credits made it an almost cost parity with our 2003 Chevy Impala and possible to fit into our budget. We could not be happier with the decision. Beyond the bliss of having a new car, we feel proud to contribute towards a commonwealth by supporting healthier communities with the zero-point emissions vehicle and supporting local renewable energy sites with our electrified transport.

Celis B.
Chevy Volt


I was very excited to purchase or lease an electric vehicle in 2017 but was unfamiliar with the cars, technology and incentives offered. After finding "Drive Green" I was shocked at how easy it was to view and compare cars as well as see what dealerships were offering. The incentives are amazing and the entire experience was seamless. The rebate process was a breeze and the associates that work for Mass Energy are knowledgeable and genuinely happy to help consumers save money and promote our transition to a clean energy future. There is no more pressing task than to use our buying power to bring about change right now.

Kate S.
Chevy Volt


Meet my sailboat - a vehicle 100% powered by wind!

To start, I’m a REAL car guy - I've owned and restored several muscle cars and have spent countless hours elbow-deep in internal combustion engine maintenance (some enjoyable, most not). When the prospect of a practical electric car arrived + state & federal incentives kicked in, I was sold! The VW e-Golf was my choice because of its restraint; it didn’t have to try hard to LOOK like an electric car to BE a great one.

1 year later: no maintenance of any kind, I can achieve 98% of my driving needs with 80 - 100 miles of range, and I’ve opened the hood only twice; I’m a car guy, that says a lot. $15 of wind-generated electricity displaces $120+ of gas every month - I’m electric forever!

Dave L.
VW e-Golf


Since I was a teenager it was my dream to live free from fossil fuels. A couple of years ago, I purchased solar panels through another Mass Energy program and sized the system because the plan was to have an electric car. Thanks to Mass Energy's negotiated rates and the friendly folks at Coastal Nissan, I have now completed the puzzle. As I run around with daily errands (kids to school, music and dance lessons, sports, grocery shopping, spouse to work...) it feels great! And our 14 and 15 year old children will learn to drive with the all-electric Nissan LEAF. An added bonus!

Please don't let naysayers stop you! Calculate your daily miles and you will no doubt determine that a LEAF with an 80-100 mile range is more than enough for the vast majority of your driving needs. Also, super cold days hardly impact the battery mileage and with the battery weight and front wheel drive, snow/ice are not an issue. Also, I put in a 240V charge station in my garage and recharge in 2-3 hours. Join the future, become part of the solution and get a LEAF!

Eric A.
Nissan LEAF


We are thrilled! Our super-low carbon footprint Volt is a dream come true. Thanks to Mass Energy and the huge discount they negotiated with dealers, along with the substantial state and federal incentives, we were able to buy a beautiful brand new Volt for about half price. It’s an amazing deal and an easy process.

Tom D.
Chevy Volt


I just recently combined two programs that Mass Energy is involved in: 1) signed up for New England Wind (yeah!), and 2) leased a 2017 Chevy Volt via your green vehicle program.

I was driving it, first time today, and it occurred to me that by combining these two great programs, we were driving on the wind. It was such a wonderful, feel-good experience - had to share it with you. It's my new slogan!

Babette W.
Chevy Volt


Thanks to Mass Energy's Drive Green program I was able to lease a Chevy Volt at an excellent price. The Volt was the right next step for me and my family as we make our way towards the full-electric vehicle future. Combined with the solar panels on our roof, we can now drive green!

Quinton Z.
Chevy Volt


We are very excited to be driving a brand new Volt! We had two aging cars, so buying something new had been on our minds but it was really the Drive Green discount that made this happen. Of course, we knew we wanted to get something that would be more fuel efficient than what we currently drive and going electric gives us a huge opportunity to further reduce our carbon footprint. When we added up the Drive Green discount, plus the federal tax break and the MOR-EV incentive, going with a Volt made perfect sense. I think GM did a great job with this second generation model. We are happy with just about everything: the technology, comfort, and styling. We are looking forward to a future of electric driving, made even more environmentally friendly with our renewable offsets through Mass Energy!

Jonathan & Sharon
Chevy Volt


Thanks to your program, a co-worker and I have made the leap to electric. I love my new Volt. I have put almost one thousand miles on it, but only spent about $25 in gas! The ease and convenience of using a regular plug and outlet make charging easy, as I didn't have the expense of installing a pricey charge-specific outlet. The standard features of heated seats and steering is huge. My last car was a Chevy Blazer that I had almost 18 years, so the new updated computer features have been really exciting. I never thought I could afford a new vehicle, especially an electric vehicle, but the incentives were too good to pass up for a lease. Two of my co-workers have also purchased Volts, so we compare charge point locations! I picked up my son at college yesterday and the fold-down back seats were very handy. The best part is the color- love the Blue!

Kathleen B.
Chevy Volt


As our household continues to try to reduce our carbon footprint, changing our transportation was a crucial factor. Although we love our walkable city and use public transportation frequently, some errands are still best done by car. Our new Nissan LEAF suits our urban lifestyle needs perfectly. And we can charge it with our solar panels to maximize our cost-savings, convenience, and propel our green energy transition.

The pricing was unbeatable. And it really is what vaulted me to finally do this.

Mary M.
Nissan LEAF


I had researched the Volt for some time and felt the cost was a little high until I learned about the Drive Green with Mass Energy promotion. The price indicated on the Mass Energy website was honored by Quirk Chevrolet and the experience was comfortable. Shayne had a thorough knowledge of the Mass Energy program, the state MOR-EV rebate program, and the car’s technology. The Volt has been everything I hoped for. My family and I haven’t had to change our lifestyle at all to do something a little positive for the environment. It’s been about a month since I purchased it and I haven’t bought a tank of gas yet!

Chris G.
Chevy Volt


With [Mass Energy] as our electricity supplier, our choice to drive an EV makes us feel better about our car, our environment, and the health of those behind us, on and near the road! The LEAF is very fun to drive, both accelerating and braking. The acceleration is immediate, smooth, quiet, and neck-snappingly fast! On the other hand, the regenerative braking not only recoups some of the kinetic energy, but is great in stop and go traffic. Anybody who’s skeptical, just take a test drive.

Joel G.
Nissan LEAF


I’m incredibly proud to drive my Volt. Global warming is a global problem, and every one of us has to do our part to address it. I am thrilled when I plug my car in at a public charging station and others stop by to ask me questions about it. Driving an electric car allows me to not only do my part to save the environment, but to encourage others to do act as well. It is one more way to spread the word about climate change and to motivate change from the ground up.

Tom B.
Chevy Volt


In 2015, we bought a Chevy Volt. We love it and are looking forward to getting another or a Chevy Bolt in 2017. We don't want a car that doesn't plug in. Charging is easy, the car is great, we have no range anxiety and about 75% of our miles are powered by the wind.

Larry C.
Chevy Volt

Thanks so much--your program pushed us from maybe to yes.

Craig K.
Chevy Volt


Back in the day, I worked on the Tour de Sol, a solar car competition that incited the mass marketing of hybrid cars over a decade ago. But for a mass market for a truly solar car, we had to wait a little longer. I was so thrilled when I took my test drive, I told the dealer: "Hold on, I'm having a moment!" Then I drove the car home and plugged it into my brand new solar panels, and I had another moment. When the utility hooked up the solar panels to a net meter, I had yet another moment. And since I still buy New England Wind when my meter is going forward, I have little moments each time I open my utility bill. I realize it’s not just a solar car, it's a wind-powered car, too!

I urge you all to have a few moments yourselves. The time has come.

Karina L.
Nissan LEAF


I love our Nissan Leaf! I drive it daily from our home in Acton to Mass Audubon in Lincoln where I work. It is comfortable, quiet and accelerates with ease, to provide a safe and dependable way to commute but not use gasoline. With New England's weather extremes over the past 2 and a half years, I have had plenty of opportunity to drive the Leaf in bitter cold as well as blistering heat, and have never been disappointed with the car's performance.

Although I usually charge the battery at home, I have the ability to plug in anywhere there is an outlet!

As grandparents with an eye on the future, we love the fact that an electric car is a much better choice for the environment.

The Mass Energy Drive Green program has amazing discounts, enabling us to choose a plug-in hybrid to replace our gas-powered vehicle. Having an electric vehicle as well and a plug-in hybrid will allow us all of the flexibility we need for commuting to work as well as visiting relatives out of state.

Greg & Debby
Nissan LEAF


Bentley University’s Director of Sustainability sent out an email blast to all faculty and staff announcing the Drive Green with Mass Energy program for hybrid and electric cars. Two weeks later, I took delivery of a 2016 Nissan Leaf. It was, BY FAR, the best car-buying experience I’ve ever had, due in large part to the Mass Energy pre-negotiated price. In fact, the only deviation from the incredibly low price was when the general manager of Marlboro Nissan told me that in addition to the $8700 Mass Energy discount, and the $2500 Massachusetts tax rebate, and the $7500 Federal tax credit, the price would be $600 LOWER because of a university employee discount. What parallel universe had I just entered?

I’m also very impressed with the lower routine maintenance of electric cars. Gone are oil changes, transmissions, tune-ups, carburetors, emissions systems, and on and on. Before I purchased the Leaf, I walked into the dealership’s service area and asked the Leaf technician how service generally works out. The answer? “Well at 7500 miles we plug it into the computer and rotate the tires. At 15000 miles, we plug it into the computer and rotate the tires.” Sold.

My commute is 25 miles round trip. While the 2016 Nissan Leaf SV has an official range of 107 miles, my actual range is closer to 140 miles since (for stress avoidance) I stick to calm back roads rather than deal with the stop and go lights and maniacal crush of the theoretically faster Route 2. I typically recharge overnight every three or four days, and it couldn’t be easier. Plus, Bentley has an electric vehicle charging station if I ever want to use it.

And while I’m happy that my electric car has less of a carbon footprint than its internal combustion engine cousins, I also appreciate the zero tailpipe emissions, as I no longer have to deal with noxious fumes filling the garage and seeping into the house.

The range of my Leaf is great for me, and there are new cars due out this model year that will double that range. It’s remarkably clear that the future of cars is electric.

Tom B.
Nissan LEAF


"My wife and I just purchased a new Chevy Volt LT. It’s an electric car with a gasoline generator that greatly extends its range.

It goes about 50 miles on a full charge before switching over to gas. Its total range on a full charge and a full tank is about 420 miles - similar to a conventional car. Since most of our trips are less than 50 miles, we will seldom have to use gasoline.

Some of our household electricity comes from the solar panels on the roof of our garage and the rest comes from a community solar project.

The list price of the Volt LT is about $34,000. Thanks to Mass Energy’s Drive Green program, we got a $7,000 discount off the list price. On top of that, we will be eligible for a $7,500 credit off our federal income taxes, and a $2,500 rebate from the state of Massachusetts. The net price of the car after sales tax, registration and document fees was under $20,000 – not including the trade-in value of our old car.

The Volt is fun to drive. It goes from zero to 60 mph in 7.5 seconds, and it comes with many features and comforts. Go for a test drive at a dealer near you and see for yourself!

Paul L.
Chevy Volt


I did purchase a Volt last weekend from Quirk Chevy in Braintree. It went pretty quickly as I had been in touch with them in October after researching the vehicle and my options in the Boston area. I didn’t pull the trigger then, but as I was considering picking up the ball again and trying to get something done this month to insure that I could get the MOR-EV rebate and Fed tax credit in 2016, I received the e-mail about the Drive Green program. Because I already knew what I knew, it was clear that taking advantage of the Drive Green pricing would help me lock in a good deal on a car that had the trim and options I was interested in. So I followed the path through the Drive Green web page and submitted my request to Quirk and they reached out to me quickly (next day). I coordinated my visit with Shayne Dextrauder, the Drive Green program manager at Quirk, and things went very smoothly thanks to him.

The other thing that made this an easy decision for me is the success I had in working with Direct Energy Solar to install a home PV solar system through the Mass Energy program last year. That went well, the product is working exactly as projected, and will be providing the clean energy I need to cover most of my routine driving with the Volt.

To my eye, both the Volt and solar programs that Mass Energy put together offer consumers good value because of the program discounts but also because you have vetted the vendors and they are doing their job.

Mike M.
Chevy Volt

"When my 10-year-old, fuel-efficient car started to give me problems a few months ago, I was primarily considering replacing it with another gas-powered vehicle.  However, right at the perfect time, I received an email about the Mass Energy EV program.  I checked out the program discounts and the vehicle comparison sheets.  The spreadsheets were extremely useful tools and helped me make the decision to go all electric for my next car.  I contacted two dealerships who participated in the program and ultimately went with the one whose service I felt was better. (I'd highly recommend Guy Bedau at Milford Nissan!)

I have had my LEAF for a few weeks now, and I absolutely love every single thing about it. I think about the way I drive, the range of the vehicle, and when and how I'm going to charge the car on a regular basis, but becoming more conscious of my driving was a big part of the reason I wanted an EV in the first place. It's become a game for me to try to increase the range on the car as much as possible over the quoted 107 miles. My husband gets more more excited about cars than I do, and he loves the speed and smoothness of the LEAF. As for me, it's the best ride I've ever had! I couldn't be happier, and I've been talking up both the LEAF and the Mass Energy program to whomever will listen!

Amy K.
Nissan LEAF