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About Us:

Mass Energy Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy) is a non-profit organization that has been succeeding in making energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable since 1982. Our organization serves as a trusted voice for both consumers and the environment on local, state, regional and national energy issues.

We offer several programs for households and businesses

Our Green Power programs, New England Wind and New England GreenStart, enable households and businesses to choose green electricity from local renewable sources that are better for the environment than fossil fuels. You may also donate one-time or monthly to our New England Wind Fund. We also promote accessibility to residential solar power and proudly provide the general public with opportunities to explore local renewable energy sources up close. Learn more.

Our Discount Heating Oil Service provides our 11,000+ members with savings of $100-300 per year on heating oil. We offer flexible service with local, full-service dealers. Learn more

Energy efficiency is key to making energy affordable and sustainable. We promote energy assessments through the Mass Save program, and offer tips to reduce energy use to our members and the general public. In addition, our Executive Director holds a seat on the state’s Energy Efficiency Advisory Council and we advocate for stronger energy efficiency policy. Get energy efficiency tips and updates.

Check out a list of all of our programs here

An Accountable Nonprofit

Our organization, doing business as Mass Energy Consumers Alliance in Massachusetts and People’s Power & Light, our Rhode Island arm, is officially the Energy Consumers Alliance of New England, an IRS-designated nonprofit 501(c)3. Click here for documents detailing our accountability.