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Make the switch! Choose clean, Massachusetts renewable energy.

You can choose to get your electricity from local renewable energy instead of dirty fossil fuels and nuclear.

For just a couple cents more per kilowatt hour you can choose 100% renewable electricity. Mass Energy uses your electric account number and service zip code to communicate with Eversource (NSTAR). The additional amount needed to buy your renewable power will be billed separately by Mass Energy.


You have green power options.

3.8 cents/kwh in addition to basic service charges (just 74 cents/day on average!) for 100% wind power from Massachusetts turbines

100% tax-deductible.

Your membership helps develop new MA wind power!

Read the New England Wind Terms of Service


2.4 cents/kwh in addition to basic service charges (just 45 cents/day on average!) for 100% wind power, solar power, cow power (digester gas), and low-impact hydro.

100% tax-deductible.

All sources are from New England!

Read the New England GreenStart Terms of Service

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Read Content Disclosure Label for New England Wind & New England GreenStart

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