Emergency Oil Bank

Keeping families & seniors warm.

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This charitable service provides one free emergency delivery to local families and seniors that are struggling to pay their heating oil bills during the coldest months. Our Oil Bank is funded by grant money and member donations.

Who is eligible to apply for an emergency oil bank delivery?

If all of the following applies to you, you may request an emergency oil bank delivery:

  • Your are already a Green Energy Consumers member who is qualified for fuel assistance or have an extraordinary circumstance that makes paying for heating oil difficult. (If you are not currently qualified for fuel assistance, call your local Community Action Program agency to learn how to apply. If you are not already a member, call us at 800-287-3950 x 4 to apply for a free membership.)
  • There is at least one person age 62 or older, or age 18 or younger, or disabled living in your home.
  • You have already received a delivery from one of our participating oil dealers this year.
  • You have already exhausted your fuel assistance benefits.

How can I request an Oil Bank delivery?

The Oil Bank is only open during the coldest months, usually January and February, but may open as early as December. If you need assistance filling your oil tank, call Green Energy Consumers at 800‑287‑3950 x4 and request an Oil Bank delivery. We have dedicated staff that will handle your request promptly and help determine if you are eligible for an emergency oil bank delivery.