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Heating Oil Delivery Massachusetts, MA Oil Delivery

Discount Heating Oil Service 


Delivery Options

The two basic options are Automatic Delivery and Will Call Delivery. These options are described briefly below, or you can download our more comprehensive guide to Delivery & Payment options here.

Automatic Delivery

This option puts the burden of keeping your oil tank full on the dealer. They monitor your consumption remotely, and fill it on their schedule. Customers need to have an established credit account or a balance with the dealer to qualify to become an Automatic Delivery customer. 

Will Call Delivery

This option relies on you, the consumer, to call your dealer when you would like a delivery. Most dealers require 24 to 48 hours' notice and a minimum delivery of 150 gallons in order to guarantee the Mass Energy price. Unless you have a balance or credit with your dealer, you will also need to be at home when the delivery is made. We urge you not to let the level of oil in your tank drop below a quarter full, particularly during periods of cold weather. 

Payment Options

The dealer you are assigned will outline their terms and conditions for payment. There are three basic payment options: Billing, COD and Budget. These options are described briefly below, or you can download our Delivery and Payment Options guide for more tips and details. 


Typically, you have up to 30 days to pay your oil bill once your credit has been approved or you have established a good relationship with your dealer. You will receive a special “prompt pay” discount if you pay your bill right away.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

COD is only available to will call customers. Accepted methods of payment vary and are based on dealer discretion. Paying COD is typically cheaper than paying a bill over 30 days, but you must pay immediately to get the discount. 

Budget Plans

We highly recommend the budget plan payment option. Using a budget plan makes using oil more like a regular utility, much like your phone or water bill. The dealer calculates a monthly payment for oil, so your cost is fairly even and there are no surprisingly huge oil bills that sneak up on you. 

Budget plans are seasonal and typically you must sign up during the summer months.

Read more about the benefits of budget plans here.

Service Options

Our Discount Heating Oil Service only contracts with full-service oil dealers who provide repair and replacement service as well as 24/7 coverage, so the oil dealer you are paired with can provide all of your oil services. Information on service contracts, tune-ups, and repairs is included briefly below, or you can download our comprehensive guide to service here.

Service Contracts 

Service contracts are an optional but recommended way to anticipate the costs of repairs that your heating system may need. We especially advise a service contract if your heating system is older. 

The cost of a service contract depends upon the dealer and the services being offered. They currently range from $180 to $400.  Each contract covers a defined set of services and parts and almost always covers an annual tune-up (highly recommended). Read more about service contracts.

If your heating system is very old or in disrepair the heating oil dealer we assign to you has the right not to offer you a service contract. If the dealer recommends replacing the system, ask for a bid from that dealer and get two more bids.

Read more about replacing your heating system

Tune-Ups and Repairs

If you have a newer heating system, you might opt to pay for an annual tune-up instead of purchasing a service contract. Tune-ups typically cost between $150 and $200. If by chance you need an emergency service call that is not covered by the warranty the dealer will send a service technician as long as you have an established account with them.

Tune ups help keep your system efficient, which saves you oil and money. We highly recommend that you order a tune-up every year. The savings gained in efficiency by reducing future service calls more than pay for a yearly tune-up.

Download free guide: What to look for in a tune-up