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Heating Oil Delivery Massachusetts, MA Oil Delivery

Heating Oil: Delivery Options

The two basic options are Automatic Delivery and Will Call Delivery.

Automatic Delivery

This option puts the burden of keeping your oil tank full on the dealer. They monitor your consumption with their computer, and fill it on their schedule. Customers need to have an established credit account or a balance with the dealer to qualify to become an Automatic Delivery customer. This is the most efficient mode for delivering oil, so we urge all members to strongly consider becoming Automatic Delivery customers. Because efficiency is our key selling point with dealers, the more Automatic Delivery customers we have, the better deals we get when we negotiate new contracts.

Will Call Delivery

This option puts the burden of keeping your oil tank full on you, the consumer. We urge you not to let the level of oil in your tank drop below a quarter full, particularly during periods of cold weather.

When you need oil you should call and place your order with your dealer. Most dealers require 24 to 48 hours notice and a minimum delivery of 150 gallons before they will deliver to a Will Call Delivery customer. Unless you have a balance or credit with your dealer, you will also need to be at home when the delivery is made. If you are not there when the truck stops by, you might have to pay a surcharge for them to return.