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Save on Heating Oil: Join Mass Energy Today!

Mass Energy is a non-profit membership organization that operates like a buyers club or a co-op. Since 1982, our Discount Heating Oil Service has been a program for any household who wants to save on heating costs. We use buying power to negotiate better prices for members with local, full-service dealers.


Fair Prices

Our members save 15-30 cents per gallon compared to the state survey price (savings of $100-$300/year). We limit the retail mark-up that our dealers can charge you.

The price changes daily. You can check our average price for today and any day since 2004. Click below to get access to our price graph!


Full Service

We will assign you to one of our local, full service oil dealers. All of them have a live voice answering the phone during the business day and staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you’ve been assigned a dealer, you can take deliveries or receive burner service anytime.

We checked references on all of our dealers and made sure that they do not have a history of complaints with the state Attorney General's office or the Better Business Bureau.

Not Your Typical Oil Company

We’re not your typical oil company. As a nonprofit, we offer green power options and energy efficiency resources. We also advocate on behalf of consumers and provide support for low income families and community organizations through our Oil Bank.