Green Municipal Aggregation: New report

Artist - Erin MacEachern

Original artwork by Erin MacEachern

Also known as community choice aggregation (CCA), this model allows cities and towns in MA & RI to take real climate action by greening up residents' electricity supply.

Read our Report on Green Municipal Aggregation in Massachusetts

Green Energy Consumers' new paper explains the nuts and bolts of Green Municipal Aggregation (GMA) and how a growing number of Massachusetts communities are using it to drive demand for new renewables.

We have worked hard to spread green municipal aggregation to Rhode Island. As a result of successful changes to state law and a concerted effort in terms of outreach and education to cities and towns, we will soon be able to report on progress in the Ocean State! Stay tuned.

Read the Massachusetts report

Massachusetts and Rhode Island state laws allow a city or town to choose the electricity supplier for residents and businesses within that municipality. This is called municipal aggregation or community choice aggregation. It allows for important energy decisions to be made at the local level rather than by an investor-owned utility or by a for-profit competitive electricity supplier. 

GMA, Green Municipal Aggregation, is a model we devised with energy broker Good Energy that adds more Class I or "new" renewable energy to residents' electricity at a competitive price. When a community decides to enact GMA, it goes out to bid for an electricity supplier and secures a long-term price and a cleaner electricity supply. That supplier replaces the utility's Basic Service, offers a more stable price (usually cheaper in the long run, too), and adds more renewable energy than required by state law.



How do I get my community involved?

If you’re interested in learning more about GMA or want to find out how your community can get started: